New on Shopfront: September 2017

Welcome to the September 2017 edition of New on Shopfront, this month we’ve adjusted customer statements, added support for additional decimal places and have made a huge number of fixes.

Table of Contents

  • Adjustments to Customer Statements
  • Cost Variance Report
  • Reorder Report Printing
  • Additional Decimal Place Support
  • Fixes

Adjustments to Customer Statements

On Thursday (the 28th of September), we released our rewritten customer statements. The new customer statements are quicker, more predictable and easier for the customers to use.

We’ve removed the due date column and have merged the invoice total column with the paid column into a single “total” column. We’ve also adjusted the balance column to show the current outstanding balance rather than the balance at the date of the transaction. This lets customers see at a glance which invoices they are currently owing so they can make payments easier.

As part of merging the invoice total column with the paid column, we’ve added additional payments whenever an invoice was partially or entirely paid at the point of the transaction.

Cost Variance Report

As requested by one of our stores, we now provide a cost variance report which shows how product costs have changed over a period of time. It allows you to compare previous costs with changed costs for every price point to ensure you’re making the profit you expect.

Access the cost variance report by going to Reporting > Actions Reports in the menu.

Reorder Report Printing

Like to print out our dynamically generated report to walk around your store and check your stock? Well it’s now become a whole lot easier. Previously you could have attempted to print the table out, however it wasn’t really designed to be printed so you’d likely end up with a huge amount of pages for a small order. Another way stores previously printed it out was to attempt to copy and paste the table into another application, however for large orders this was a tedious process.

Now you can just click on options in the top right and corner and press “Print Order”. The page will automatically be rearranged to be printable and then it will print out to your selected printer.

Additional Decimal Place Support

As part of supporting the growing requirements of our stores, we’ve expanded the amount of decimal places that we support in several locations. For example, prices now support up to four decimal places and cost when receiving orders now supports four decimal places.


  • EFTPOS Cashout no longer prints out when sale completed without products
  • Negative account balance payments no longer apply to sales with incorrect amount
  • Several display issues on mobile devices have been fixed
  • Deleted products now appear in sales history
  • Attempting to apply customer payment no longer freezes screen when no payment receipt applied to customer
  • Float amount no longer rounds in manage takings (when restored from a previous day)
  • Shelf tickets export now removes extra spaces in middle of product name
  • Applying family to product no longer prevents profit percentage from working
  • Toggling the on hand stock only in stock list before searching now works as expected
  • Socket server no longer randomly rejects clients
  • Live profit for products with a base quantity other than one (e.g. 10 packs) is now correct
  • Emailed reports no longer display link as text