New on Shopfront: October 2017

Welcome to the October 2017 edition of New on Shopfront, this month we’ve fixed a huge amount of bugs, changed the way that sale discounts work and added a couple of nifty features along the way

Table of Contents

  • Park Sales with Payments
  • Sale Discounts Rewritten
  • New Promotion Revision History
  • Create Return from Completed Order
  • Reorder Reports Can Now Include Transfers
  • Fixes

Park Sales With Payments

Customer wants to put an item on layby or needs to come back after getting cash out? No longer do you have to put the products on account (and thus removing the items out of inventory) or using your own custom layby system. Simply create a sale, pay off an amount and then put the sale on hold like you would normally. When they come back, just retrieve the held sale and the payment is sitting there waiting to be completed.

Sale Discounts Rewritten

We’ve rewritten how our sale discounts work (note, this does not affect the way that single product discounts work) in order to provide a simpler and more predictable behaviour. Previously we were attempting to predict how you thought the discount should work. This worked well for simple discounts, however it became quite complex when you discount products, have products on promotion and then add products after the discount has been applied.

We now remove all other discounts when you apply a sale discount and then proportionally increment (or decrement) the discount when you change the quantity of a product.

New Promotion Revision History

Previously when you’ve edited a promotion, we showed you that you edited the promotion, but not what changed in the promotion, that has now changed. We’re working hard to provide you with even more detail in the future and to make our revision history nicer and easier to use.

Create Return from Completed Order

Finished receiving your invoice but half the product’s haven’t arrived or have you received an invoice into the wrong store? It’s really time consuming to create the return from hand, which is why you can now return create a return from an existing completed order, all you then need to do is make the required modifications and you’re all good to send it!

Reorder Reports Can Now Include Transfers

Transfer a lot of stock and use our dynamic sales reorders? To prevent you from needing to check all of the normal transfers that you do, we can now take them into account when calculating the stock you should order to save you time and to prevent you from running out of stock too early.


  • When receiving invoices, fees and freight now distribute exactly (prevented entering an amount and then the amount changing after it was distributed)
  • MYOB invoices now use the provided invoice date rather than the date they are entered into Shopfront
  • Filters for actions reports now work across all report types
  • Cancelling a sale after a register has been deleted no longer results in an error
  • Customer payments no longer hang after being applied
  • Emailing after using “View All Statements” in customer report now works as expected
  • Applying a customer payment to a customer with no sales now works as expected
  • Initial MYOB integration redirect now takes you back to your Vendor (you no longer need to specify which Vendor you are)
  • Emailed reports have the date range back in the subject
  • Classifications no longer display temporary products
  • Total of a percentage field in a report no longer adds up the column
  • Customer birthdays are now blank rather than “0000-00-00”
  • Increased cash movement amount limit from $9,999.99 to $999,999.99
  • Sales keys no longer display error after deleting a product that was on them
  • Numerous MYOB AccountRight integration fixes
  • IBA Promotions now import with amount as expected ($20 instead of $20.01)
  • Banner Group promotions now download into “Banner Group” promotion category
  • Price sets can now be removed
  • The touch screen number keyboard now hides when typing using physical keyboard
  • Can now cancel sales with only cash applied without having to remove the cash first
  • Fixed missing tab in customer modify screen when the customer was not part of an “Account Customer” group
  • Using autofill for customer payments now uses negative invoices first
  • Profit percentage for pricelist price now changes when price override mode is enabled
  • Fixed single item costs averaging when receiving multiple ALM invoices at once