New on Shopfront: October 2020

Welcome to what’s new on Shopfront for October 2020! We’ve got a short list of features and fixes this month because we’re full steam ahead on a secret project that we’ll have more details to release about during November.

Note, some of these changes are gradually rolling out. All stores will receive them by the end of next week.

Minor Features

  • When something has been restored from the trash we now keep the screen at the same position instead of scrolling back to the top,
  • A loading screen now appears while the favourite reports are first rendering,
  • Exporting CSV and PDF versions of the Inventory at Date report no longer wait on the server to generate them and instead you’ll receive a notification,
  • Improved speed of inventory log report for small date periods

Bug Fixes

  • Per product discounts now appear correctly on receipts in complex promotion and discount combinations,
  • Docket printing by tag (kitchen printing) correctly prints when the transaction doesn’t contain any tag,
  • Failed payments no longer prevent a parked sale from being cancelled,
  • Prevented parked sales from duplicating after they’re initially parked and then edited (by either adding a customer or adding more products),
  • Performing sales offline and then force syncing the register no longer causes incorrect takings for the day,
  • Price changes in the future now appear in the revision history when the price activates, not when the price was changed,
  • Prevented advanced report from crashing due to eager optimisations,
  • Completing a sale which had been parked on a different register and then reparked on the current register no longer fails to upload,
  • Automatic banner group promotions that have been made inactive via the promotion index page no longer get automatically made active again after being updated by the banner group,
  • Public notes no longer lose line breaks when emailing orders,
  • Filtering the sales history by a gift card which has never existed now returns no sales instead of all sales,
  • Promotions for a customer group now apply to the customer group instantly instead of after a sync,
  • Additional information boolean toggles which default to true now correctly display as enabled,
  • [Developer] Embedded API no longer times out when you’re not listening for an event (forcing the user to wait)