New on Shopfront: June 2021

Welcome to what’s new on Shopfront for June 2021! The end of the financial year brings a number of fixes and minor features.

Minor Features

  • Emailed customer statements now show as “from” as the Outlet name that you’re currently in,
  • First barcode is exported to the shelf tickets,
  • Updating a products case quantity on the edit page now edits the inventory once you leave the case quantity box rather than instantly

Bug Fixes

  • Reporting dashboard hover information is correctly coloured when in dark mode,
  • Removing the main (first) product image no longer removes all alternate images,
  • Pressing back after adding a customer when “Display All Products in Classification” sale key is open now correctly returns you to the sell screen,
  • Prevented promotions from activating / deactivating incorrectly due to the incorrect timezone being used when saved locally,
  • Removing the grouping from everyday tickets now correctly reverts to the no grouping order,
  • Price list revisions show percentage pricing rules as percentages rather than currency,
  • Exporting all products via the stock list when a large number of products exist in the store no longer hits the rate limiter