New on Shopfront: October 2017

Welcome to the October 2017 edition of New on Shopfront, this month we’ve fixed a huge amount of bugs, changed the way that sale discounts work and added a couple of nifty features along the way

Table of Contents

  • Park Sales with Payments
  • Sale Discounts Rewritten
  • New Promotion Revision History
  • Create Return from Completed Order
  • Reorder Reports Can Now Include Transfers
  • Fixes

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Postmortem of “Returning to CloudPOS” EFTPOS issue of October 26

On the 26th of October 2017, we experienced a widespread bug that resulted in PC-EFTPOS integrated EFTPOS not working upon the second transaction attempted per page load.

The incident was caused due to faulty code introduced to our production server while implementing a new feature. We believe this affected approximately one-quarter of our customers.

We apologies to all of our customers that were affected and this article explains why the issue occurred and what we are doing to prevent this from happening in the future.

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Resolved: Intermittent EFTPOS Issue: Returning to CloudPOS

UPDATE: Read our postmortem for additional information about why the problem occurred and what we did to fix it.

Some Vendor’s are experiencing an issue when processing a second EFTPOS transaction, with the screen saying “Returning to CloudPOS” and never doing anything. This issue has been fixed, however your browser may have cached the invalid code. A report on the problem and how we are going to avoid it in the future will be release in the next few days. If your browser is coming up with “Returning to CloudPOS” please follow these steps:

While in the POS, open the developer tools, by clicking on the Chrome menu, going to “More tools” and then “Developer tools” (you can also access this by pressing F12 on your keyboard).

Once the developer tools have appeared, then right click on the refresh button in the top left hand corner

Then click on “Empty Cache and Hard Reload”

Your EFTPOS should then work as expected.