New on Shopfront: July 2021

Welcome to what’s new on Shopfront for July 2021! We’ve got a number of new features coming up in the next six months and a lot of our current development is going towards implementing those (thus why the last couple of months have been a bit lean for features). Check out what’s coming soon to Shopfront in our new blog post!

Minor Features

  • Xero can now have a different company file per Outlet,
  • Adjusted total sale discount price distribution to be simpler to include discounting based off the current sell price (previously we distributed using a percentage of the everyday price),
  • Added a filter in advanced stocktakes for Outlet,
  • Added integration to Thirsty Camel’s Milie ordering system

Bug Fixes

  • Prevented an error when updating a user dashboard with a report that contains more than 26 lines then viewing that report,
  • Stopped deleted favourite reports crashing the user dashboard page,
  • Cashout and refund dialog no longer shows only payments which have been approved,
  • Stocktake variance reports now use the most recently edited cost if running on mixed mode and the product’s inventory is negative,
  • Prevented a rounding issue for products which require more than two decimal places to calculate the correct price and using match price points family price distribution,
  • Fixed banner group promotions sending in AEST timezone for stores located in other timezones if the store was created after the 26th of February 2021,
  • Stopped receipts automatically printing when auto print receipt is turned off for a customer group but auto print payment receipts is turned on,
  • Prevented price calculation calculating prices as a positive for returned products when quantity is a decimal and family price distribution is set to match price points,
  • Removing the primary image (the first image) on the product edit page no longer hides the additional images,
  • Fixed numerous colour issues when in dark mode

New on Shopfront: May 2021

Welcome to what’s new on Shopfront for May 2021! We’ve got a few bug fixes for you, some minor features and a new product importer.

Note, some of these features are currently rolling out and may not be available for your store until the end of next week.

Major Features

Advanced CSV Product Importer

We’ve just released a brand-new CSV product importer for creating a large amount of products from a CSV file, whilst we’ve support a basic CSV import for quite some time now, the advanced importer comes with a number of features, such as:

  • Multiple price points,
  • Multiple barcodes,
  • Reorder points and amounts,
  • Importing data for multiple outlets

To get started, check out our support article.

Minor Features

  • Cleaned up a number of revision history fields,
  • Added notification when a PDF fails to generate throughout the POS system (e.g. exported report, customer statement),
  • The customer index page can now be filtered to show customers without a customer group

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed monetary formatting of user dashboard graphs,
  • Merging the current sale with a parked sale which contains a modified component on both no longer results in the original product being discounted differently,
  • Multi-select lists no longer suffer from a disappearing check box,
  • Prevented focus from being stolen by the username field when logging in after a sale and attempting to change the receipt template,
  • Refreshing the external stocktake page no longer results in styling going missing,
  • Total transactions in a register closure correctly take into account on-account sales,
  • Fixed false positive cash mishandling trigger for the security centre,
  • Prevented a rare occurrence where two payment methods could be added at the same time on slow hardware,
  • Opening the second line in the classification page in a new tab now works as expected,
  • Historical receipts now correctly print when the user who performed the sale has been deleted,
  • Printing a previous date inventory report correctly shows all values instead of just “0”

New on Shopfront: April 2021

Welcome to what’s new on Shopfront for April 2021! Our Security Centre is live, new reordering features and a few bug fixes made it into the changes for this month.

Major Features

Security Centre

The Security Centre is now here!

Whilst still in beta, the security centre is a useful tool to assist with tracking and identifying user behaviour. Currently we’re only tracking a couple of patterns but we’re planning on adding a lot more. We’re also tracking a number of raw events including all logins, the cash drawer opening, user modifications and more. Eventually the security centre will replace the action reports.

While the Security Centre is in beta, it’s available for all customers, but once it has finished the beta period, it’ll only be available to users with a premium subscription.

Reorder Rounding

If you reorder stock using either our sales or reorder point generation we’ve added the ability to round the calculation to individual products.

This is designed to assist with prevent Shopfront from recommending you order items if the supplier only accepts cases. There are four different rounding options which can be applied:

  • No Rounding (default, how Shopfront was previously working),
  • Round Up to Case,
  • Round Down to Case,
  • Round Naturally to Case (if it’s closer to zero it’ll round down, if it’s closer to the case quantity it’ll round up)

So if you’ve got the setting set as Round Down to Case and Shopfront was previously going to suggest 2 cases and 3 items, it’ll now only suggest 2 cases.

Minor Features

  • Automatically cleared old already synchronised sales from the local computer to free up disk space,
  • You can now search for all customers not in a group on the customers page,
  • [Linkly / Tyro] Integrated EFTPOS receipts are now stored and are able to be reprinted,
  • [Linkly] Added support for application hub,

Bug Fixes

  • Automatic capped pricing tags now appear in the classification page,
  • Applying a negative discount to a package which contains a discounted component calculates the price on in a more understandable way,
  • Parked nested products (e.g. packages within packages) no longer lose their discount when retrieved,
  • Updating a deleted customer’s email address (through the sales history) no longer results in a failed upload,
  • Price sets no longer reset to default during a full synchronisation,
  • Complex promotions involving family pricing with part of the family being within multiple promotions correctly distribute the remaining family price,
  • Integrated users no longer appear in the general settings page

New on Shopfront: March 2021

Welcome to what’s new on Shopfront for March 2021! A new integration marketplace, a number of visual fixes and a collection of bugs squashed round out this month.

Upcoming Changes

Next month, we’re implementing limits for how long actions and revisions are stored, currently both are stored indefinitely but as of next month actions will be stored for one year and revisions will be stored for two years. After the time period has expired the action or revision will be inaccessible and permanently deleted.

We don’t foresee this causing any issues as that data is rarely accessed. If you do have a use for that information, please get in touch with us.

We’re also looking at launching the beta version of our Security Centre next month, more details will be available soon, but it’ll be available for all customers while it’s in beta, once out of beta it’ll be only available to customers on our premium plan.

Major Features

Integration Marketplace

Our new integration marketplace is live! It’s a redesigned integration page that will feature not only officially made integrations from Shopfront but also integrations made by other companies that have been approved by Shopfront.

We’re currently in the process of reviewing a number of applications, so expect to see more integrations appearing shortly!

Once an integration has been approved, you’ll be able to find more details about it on the login news and our website.

Mobile Ordering

We’re progressively working through the way a number of pages work on mobile devices to ensure they’re easy to use and suit the screen of mobile devices. This month we’ve improved the display of the order edit screen.

All of the functionality of the desktop version is available and we’ll keep tweaking the design to make it easier to use.


As mentioned late last year in our coming soon post, as of this month, we’ve added beta support for serial weight scales. Not only are the scales easy to setup and use, but they don’t require any third-party or installed dependencies and support all desktop operating systems (Windows, macOS and Linux).

Whilst this feature is in beta, you’ll need to get in touch with us to begin using it.

Minor Features

  • Changed email providers (more details can be found in last month’s New on Shopfront),
  • The subject of the email is now included in the mail log,
  • Deleted items (e.g. products, payment methods) that are on a sale key are now prepended with NOT FOUND when editing the sale keys,
  • Products that don’t track inventory can no longer be stocktaked,
  • Added additional price fields into the shelf ticket export for the fifth, sixth and seventh prices as well as specifying a specific case price field,
  • Sales which are parked with a price list price no longer appear as discounted when the price matches the price list,
  • Added a column to the price lists page to show the number of customers using a price list,
  • When a select list contains an item which is wider than the list, the full label is shown on multiple lines instead of being cut off,
  • Added ability to add a price set to the stock list page which displays only prices within that price set,
  • Added an option to turn off the promotion calculation running in a dedicated thread to reduce the memory and CPU usage on slower devices,
  • [PC-EFTPOS / Linkly] Replaced all references to the name PC-EFTPOS with the name Linkly

Bug Fixes

  • Automatically retried emails will only notify you once when the email bounces,
  • Multiple dark mode display fixes,
  • Adjusting a family price with a default price no longer resets other prices to the default price set,
  • Fixed invalid payment method rounding when some products have more than two decimal places and the sale has been completed,
  • Parking a sale and then adding a note to the parked sale with a different user with different permissions no longer results in the note failing to apply,
  • Returning and reloading a historical sale correctly shows the price lock,
  • Automatically scrolling to a product after adding it to an order is now correctly positioned when using DPI scaling above 100%,
  • Adding an image to a product’s description resizes the page’s fields as expected,
  • Prevented setting a promotion’s end date before the start date,
  • Small mobile devices no longer drop the icons below the header,
  • After sale refund dialog box is no longer shown when refunding a EFTPOS refund item,
  • Tabbing out of a select list correctly closes the select list,
  • Prevented scrolling past the end of the page when editing an order on iOS,
  • [Developer] Authentication scopes now automatically request dependent permissions