Coming Soon to Shopfront

Shopfront Splash Page

Shopfront is evolving to become faster, more customisable and give you even more control over how you want your point of sale system to work.

We’ve rebuilt Shopfront from the ground-up to provide you with a familiar user interface but packed it full of new and redesigned features to make running your store even easier.

Here are some of the features coming soon, more to be announced shortly!

Sell Screen

Status: Coming Soon (Early 2019)

Redesigned Sell Screen

The new sell screen brings the general layout of the old sell screen and builds on top of it to make selling even easier.

Some of the features coming to the new sell screen:

  • A brand new search to bring the most important information about products to the forefront,
  • Discounting is now simpler then ever by being integrated directly into the products,
  • Customer information is now more visible than ever,
  • Promotion calculation is faster and supports more types of promotions.


Status: Coming Soon (Early 2019)

Version 2 WYSIWYG Editor

We’ve introduced a large amount of What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors for receipts, customer displays and statements. We’ve also updated the Sale Keys editor to be simpler to use and provide you with more features.

You can now design and make both receipts and statements completely unique to your store by customising the display, adding additional information and removing whatever information you want.

Our Customer Displays have also been updated so you can customise the layout to your hearts content.


Status: Coming Soon (Early 2019)

Reporting User Interface Example

All of our reports now use our custom built Reporting Query Language. This language allows you to build and run your own reports however you want, easily find your slow moving stock, your store’s best sellers and products with a low profit percentage by writing a simple query.

The Reporting Query Language pulls the data directly from our database so you can run the queries as if they were running against a raw dataset.

We’ve also redesigned the user interface reports (Sales, Purchases, Inventory and Actions) to support the new language features which includes the ability to exclude filters, a brand new printing design and new export methods.