New on Shopfront: August 2017

Welcome to the first edition of New on Shopfront, in this series of blog posts we will be showing you some of the new features that have occurred this month.

Table of Contents

  • New Branding
  • Components and Packages (Beta)
  • Xero Integration (Beta)
  • ILG Promotions
  • Held Receipt Printing
  • Deli Barcodes
  • User Dashboard (Alpha)
  • Fixes

New Branding

As you may have noticed over the last few days we have been updating our branding, we’re now called Shopfront. We will continue to slowly make changes over the next few weeks – let us know what you think!

Components and Packages (Beta)

We’ve just released Components and Packages. Components and Packages allow you to sell products that are made up of other products and then edit them live on the sellscreen – what no lettuce and extra cheese on that burger? No problems!

To enable this new feature, head to the general settings and flick the switch for Components and Packages.

Xero Integration (Beta)

Use Xero for your accounting package? You can now send sales and purchases directly to Xero, reducing the time required the enter invoices twice and preventing keying errors! Contact us to get started.

ILG Promotions

Part of the Independant Liquor Group? We now automatically download and distribute promotions without you needing to do anything.

Held Receipt Printing

Want to provide customers with a copy of what products they put on hold or need to keep a seperate record from the POS? Well now you can – simple hold a sale and print the receipt as per normal.

Deli Barcodes

Shopfront is now supporting even more barcodes – print barcodes that incorporate a price? No more needing to manually change the price. Simply enable the “Use Price / Weight Labels” in the general settings, find the product, turn “Use Price / Weight Label” on and then add the barcode under the barcodes tab.

User Dashboard (Alpha)

Ready for a new insight into your store? Introducing the User Dashboard. Fully customisable for each user, it allows you to view all the data you require at a glance. More details coming soon – want to test it early? Contact us now!


This section displays a preview of some of the major fixes that were completed this month.

  • Multiple promotion fixes
  • Fixed sales keys not loading on occasion when offline
  • Multiple rounding issues
  • Increased speed of reporting dashboard
  • Sales on hold now fully work when offline
  • Cost percentage products now display correct costs and profit percentages in the register
  • Inventory reports now email as expected
  • Push notifications for register closures no longer include cancelled sales
  • Rebate report now displays correct products when consolidated