New On Shopfront: November 2017

Welcome to the November edition of New On Shopfront, we’ve introduce our Media Centre, created Promotional Shelf Tickets and presented our Public Roadmap.

Table of Contents

  • Media Centre
  • Promotion Shelf Tickets
  • Public Roadmap
  • Fixes

Media Centre

Introducing the media centre! It’s a single consolidated place for all the media that you upload into Shopfront. We’ve started small by replacing all the previous places that you could upload media, but in the next month we will be adding user and product images. Shortly, you’ll even be able to use our master database images that we’ve collected for our products.

Promotion Shelf Tickets

Tired of having to hand write or copy all the data from your promotions? We’ve now introduced our promotional tickets to make printing your promotions and ensuring consistency a breeze. To access the promotional tickets, open the menu, expand Stock, click on Shelf Tickets and then select Promotional Tickets.

Public Roadmap

Want to help shape the future of Shopfront and develop the features that are most important to you? Check out our Public Roadmap where you can comment and vote on the upcoming features we’re adding – or even suggest your own!


  • Creating a product from a temporary product on an order no longer shows negative profit.
  • Inventory Report first load for multiple stores now displays totals as expected.
  • Change is no longer displayed twice on email receipts.
  • Gift Cards no longer have weird rounding results for remaining sale balance.
  • Making promotion inactive no longer require force synchronisation.
  • Payments using the sales keys now appear in the finalise sale screen.
  • Prevented cash sales from duplicating when rounding is turned off.
  • First load precision reports no longer display invalid field name.
  • Additional decimal places are no longer shown for reports when they are not required.
  • Adjusted cost on index page for products when base quantity is not one.
  • Can now remove deleted products from everyday tickets.
  • Increased the speed of the reporting dashboard.
  • Significantly increased the speed of the synchronisation for the sell screen.
  • Prevented Tyro from locking with previous transaction when exiting the integration early.
  • Increased the speed of cancelled sales actions report.
  • Prevented sales history from displaying duplicate sales when using payment method filter.
  • Prevented scanning of barcode when returning a product.
  • Changing a price in Capped Pricing no longer results in negative gross profit percentage (when meant to be positive).
  • Adjusted returned filter in sales history to display all sales that had an item returned, rather than just sales which only had items returned.
  • Cancelled orders now get removed from notifications.
  • Electronic orders can no longer send when supplier codes are missing (without confirmation).
  • View promotions from register now displays promotions that have expired from within the last two weeks rather than the start of time.