New on Shopfront: December 2020

Welcome to what’s new on Shopfront for December 2020! The end of the year is finally here and the Christmas / New Years trading period is upon us. We’ve kept releases to a minimum this month and are prepping to ramp back up in January.

Minor Features

  • Returned invoices can now have fees and freight returned,
  • We’ve improved how packages display discounts to be clearer with how the product’s total is affected

Bug Fixes

  • Invoice number duplicate no longer appears when receiving stock without an order and the duplicate invoice has been cancelled,
  • Price changes within the same cent work as expected,
  • Receipts now correctly show the discount per product line when set to be visible instead of showing zero,
  • Product view sales history Outlet filter for multi-stores correctly filters instead of appending the sales at the bottom of the list,
  • Prevented duplicate inventory removal after retrieving a parked sale with a basket in it,
  • Entering a decimal place (literally just “.”) into the swap cash dialog no longer causes a failed upload,
  • Invalid reports can no longer be exported or printed,
  • Invoice numbers no longer reset after paying for an old parked sale,
  • Mixed required and optional promotions no longer cause an out of memory “Aw Snap” when cross promotion count is turned off,
  • Product components discount as expected instead of locking the current price,
  • Two criteria promotions with one criteria being an exact purchase and the second criteria being more than now correctly allow the more than criteria to apply,
  • Prevented promotion calculation running before promotions have been fully indexed on page load