Coming to Shopfront: 2021

After nearly a full year of all stores being on Version 2 of Shopfront, we’re here ready to show you the next plans for Shopfront.

This should be used as a guide only, some features may end up with different functionality, be developed at a different time or completely dropped.

More information on each feature will be released closer to the individual feature’s release date.

Dark Mode

Expected: Early 2021

Who doesn’t like a fresh coat of paint? Whether you are working a night-time, prefer higher-contrast colours, or just want a bit of a different look, dark mode will provide something for everyone.


Expected: Mid 2021

Weighing products will have never been so easy, whilst Shopfront has had very basic support for scales in the past, we’re now officially adding support for a range of DataLogic scales connected via COM port.

Integration Marketplace

Expected: Mid 2021

We’re opening our integrations page to third-party developers so you’re able to easily connect with the applications you use the most to improve your efficiency. This will bring with it a new design for the integrations page, improved ability to see what data each integration has permission to use and an approval process to ensure integrations listed on the marketplace are of the highest quality.

Security Centre

Expected: Mid 2021

The new security centre ensures your store is following best security practices and finding potential issues. It also comes with a whole new level of user tracking and accountability. The security centre will be open to several integrations to add additional functionality such as tracking potential card fraud through your eCommerce store.

eCommerce Store

Expected: Early 2021

You’ve asked and we’ve listened, we’re building an eCommerce platform due to have a beta release in early 2021. Coming with a range of features on release including multiple price handling, supporting multiple inventory locations and a deep integration with the POS system, it will be a fast, secure and easy to use platform that will take only minutes to get started with.

Hoping for a feature that’s not listed? Don’t stress, these are only a few of the features coming next year and we’ll have many more announcements to make throughout the year!