New on Shopfront: November 2020

Welcome to what’s new on Shopfront for November 2020! We’ve been busy squashing bugs and working on a number of new features due to come out next year (we’ll have another blog post about that out shortly).

With the Christmas period coming up now’s a great time to use all of the features that Shopfront has to offer including:

Minor Features

  • Outlets can be renamed from the Registers & Outlets page,
  • The associate product dialog now supports searching via barcode,

Bug Fixes

  • Exporting inventory at date to CSV no longer requires you to run the report first,
  • External stocktaker import now shows the correctly calculated cost when the cost is not included in the imported file,
  • The media centre now correctly overlays the product edit page when creating or editing a product from the order edit page,
  • The login screen can now change receipt templates as expected,
  • Fixed a bug which cleared a users password preventing them from logging in after editing the user,
  • Rounding on customer payments rounds the correct way in customer statements,
  • Assigning a lot (7,000+) of products to a classification no longer times out,
  • Copying a product from the master database no longer appears with a syntax error in the page wizard for certain additional information setups,
  • GST is now correctly displayed on the order edit page when receiving an invoice as WET excluded (it was always calculating correctly, just displaying incorrectly),
  • Saving an order when using fees as a percentage and the invoice is set as tax excluded correctly reloads with correct tax,
  • Large sales (1,000+ quantity) with cross promotion count turned off and multiple promotion options no longer take a long time to calculate,
  • Adding a product to an order on the order page when the order has public or internal notes correctly scrolls the product into view,
  • Prevented multiple large (120mb+) exported reports from taking up all of our server’s resources during generation resulting in 504 errors :'(,
  • [Linkly / PC-EFTPOS] Reset shift totals button now correctly resets the shift totals instead of settling the terminal,
  • [MYOB] We’ve extended the timeout to wait for MYOB’s response to three minutes due to some requests taking that long,
  • [MYOB] The initial Shopfront contact for sales now gets created as expected,
  • [Shop MyLocal] Revoking the integration correctly removes the payment methods and products