Upcoming Changes to the Xero Integration

Update 17th of August 2021: These changes have been rolled out to all Vendors, if you’re experiencing any issues, please get in touch with us.

We’re making some adjustments to the way Shopfront interacts with Xero, for most people using the integration you should not notice any changes.

What Changes are Being Made

Currently, the Shopfront to Xero integration works by connecting one Shopfront Vendor (which could have multiple Outlets) to a single Xero account (and through that account to a single Xero tenant).

This change will allow you to connect each Shopfront Outlet to a different Xero tenant (which can be across different Xero accounts).

Through this change, you won’t be required to have the same settings for each Outlet (although, we do recommend it if they are connected to the same Xero tenant).

Alongside this, we’re also bringing a new coat of paint to the settings page, with built in help and a cleaner interface to make configuring and mapping the integration easier.

Why We’re Making the Change

Throughout the years, we’ve had a number of store owners request the ability to connect a different Xero tenant to each Outlet, however we’ve always had the same principle as Xero where one business should be one Shopfront Vendor. However, more and more stores are coming onto Shopfront that wish to share product files, see inventory across locations and more but also have multiple owners and account for each location separately.

When the Changes Will Happen

This change is currently being rolled out to all stores and should be completed by early next week.

What you Need to do

If you’re a Vendor with only a single Outlet, no changes will be required and your integration will continue to work as per-normal.

If you’re a Vendor with multiple Outlets, you might want to change to using our new multi-tenant support. If you do, all that you need to do is go to your Xero integration settings once the changes have been rolled out and change the configuration of each Outlet like you would currently do with all Outlets.

What About the MYOB Integration

Currently this change is exclusive to the Xero integration as there are significantly more uses of the Xero integration and the multi-tenant model of Xero makes it simple to connect multiple Outlets whereas MYOB’s company-file model is a bit more complex.

Whilst there are no current plans to make a similar change, we will consider doing so in the future.