New on Shopfront: May 2021

Welcome to what’s new on Shopfront for May 2021! We’ve got a few bug fixes for you, some minor features and a new product importer.

Note, some of these features are currently rolling out and may not be available for your store until the end of next week.

Major Features

Advanced CSV Product Importer

We’ve just released a brand-new CSV product importer for creating a large amount of products from a CSV file, whilst we’ve support a basic CSV import for quite some time now, the advanced importer comes with a number of features, such as:

  • Multiple price points,
  • Multiple barcodes,
  • Reorder points and amounts,
  • Importing data for multiple outlets

To get started, check out our support article.

Minor Features

  • Cleaned up a number of revision history fields,
  • Added notification when a PDF fails to generate throughout the POS system (e.g. exported report, customer statement),
  • The customer index page can now be filtered to show customers without a customer group

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed monetary formatting of user dashboard graphs,
  • Merging the current sale with a parked sale which contains a modified component on both no longer results in the original product being discounted differently,
  • Multi-select lists no longer suffer from a disappearing check box,
  • Prevented focus from being stolen by the username field when logging in after a sale and attempting to change the receipt template,
  • Refreshing the external stocktake page no longer results in styling going missing,
  • Total transactions in a register closure correctly take into account on-account sales,
  • Fixed false positive cash mishandling trigger for the security centre,
  • Prevented a rare occurrence where two payment methods could be added at the same time on slow hardware,
  • Opening the second line in the classification page in a new tab now works as expected,
  • Historical receipts now correctly print when the user who performed the sale has been deleted,
  • Printing a previous date inventory report correctly shows all values instead of just “0”